Private Events


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Kentucky guidance for gatherings of up to fifty (50) people.

  • Hours are determined by the governor, drink service ends at 11pm (as of 9/16/20)
  • If you are a member of a group particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 (individuals over 65 years old and/or with conditions identified by the CDC as high risk), public health experts recommend you continue to avoid in-person gatherings and remain Healthy At Home.
  • Wear a cloth face covering or mask over your nose and mouth if you will be closer than six (6) feet to someone outside your own household.
  • Wear a cloth mask if you are not seated.
  • Wash or sanitize hands frequently.
  • Screen and exclude persons with fever, symptoms of COVID-19, and/or direct exposure to COVID-19.
  • Do not share food, drink, containers, plates, napkins, or utensils.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Hand shakes, “high-fives,” and other direct person-to-person contact is discouraged.

During this time to help keep everyone safe and adhere to Kentucky Covid guidelines our staff will follow these practices.

  • Serve all food items and utensils to your guests for one hour and box up remaining items for your guests to have later.
  • Take temperature and contact information for your guests.
  • Our restrooms and other high-touch surfaces will be frequently sanitized.

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe, we will adjust as things change and new guidelines come available.



At Molly’s we appreciate the time and effort you spend planning a private event. We will make sure your guests and family appreciate you and all of your hard work. We have two unique & beautiful floors with wheelchair access to host your event. Our warm and welcoming pub creates a casual atmosphere for your gathering, while our friendly attentive staff serves up great food, drink and Irish hospitality for dinner, lunch or brunch. 

Our 2nd floor can accommodate parties of 65 for seated dinner and up to 100 for cocktail style events.

IMG_3451 (1)

On our 3rd floor we can accommodate parties of 80 seated and up to 125 for a cocktail style event.

  • We do not supply decorations or seat covers, the pictures shown below are from creative guests that booked events with us in the past.


Dinner & lunch.

House Salad – with three of our house dressings.  $50 / $90

Country Garden – fresh seasonal vegetables served with ranch dressing. $60 / $110

Fruit and Cheese Platter – fresh seasonal fruit and cheese. $70 / $130

Hummus – pita chips and fresh vegetable medley. $55 / $100

Smoked Salmon Bites – smoked salmon, diced red onion & tomato, capers & a dill/horseradish sour cream sauce on Irish soda bread. $75 / $140

Shrimp cocktail – Mkt

Irish Potato salad – potato, green onion, celery, seasoning & mayo.  $50 / $90

Pasta salad – trip color rotini, tomatoes, celery, green & red onions, black olives & seasoning tossed in a light Italian dressing. $50 / $90

Pinwheels – $75 / $140

Ham – ham, lettuce, tomato & cucumber / cilantro cream cheese in a flour Tortilla.

Turkey – Turkey, spinach, tomato & cucumber / cilantro cream cheese in a flour Tortilla.

Ruben – Corned beef, Swiss, sauerkraut & 1000 island cream cheese in a flour Tortilla.

Vegetable – spinach, carrot, tomato, shredded cheddar & ranch cream cheese.

Potato chips – $30

Molly Wings – buffalo or BBQ style. $70 / $130

Potato skins – bacon & cheddar or corn & black bean salsa. $55 / $100

Hot Brown dip – served with tortilla chips. $60 / $110

Soft Pretzels – served with Guinness Con Queso. $60 / $110

Mini Meatballs – served in our house sweet BBQ sauce. $60 / $110

Chicken Tenders – served with honey mustard. $70 / $130

Irish Sausage rolls – mild savory sausages baked in biscuit dough. $60 / $110

Chicken Sate – grilled chicken on a stick with peanut dipping sauce. $70/ $130

Irish spring rolls – with chili mayonnaise. $60 / $110

Pot stickers – pork & herbs in a wonton wrapper with a sweet hot chili sauce & fresh cilantro. $70 / $130

Sliders – topped with cheddar cheese. $75 / $140

Roast Beef – served in mushroom jous. $140/ $280.

Chicken Cordon Bleu – ham & Swiss folded into sautéed breast of chicken baked in a wine/cream sauce. $120 / $240

Corned Beef Brisket – slow cooked for five hours, served over a bed of shredded cabbage.  $140 / $280

Poached salmon – served with a dill Aioli sauce on the side. Mkt.

Sides – $50 / $90.00

Mashed potatoes.

Roasted red potatoes.

Potatoes au Gratin.

Mac & cheese.

Onion rings.

Seasonal Veg.

Dinner rolls $20 / $40

Desserts – $50 / $90

Bread pudding.

Scones with jam and cream.

Non-Alcoholic drinks – unlimited sodas, coffee & iced tea for 30 – 35 people – $70


Full orders serve approximately 30 people, half orders approximately 15.


Waffle station – make your own waffles, includes strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup & fresh cream. $50 / $90

Breakfast casserole – your choice of bacon & cheese or vegetable. $65 / $120

Grits – cheese, bacon & jalapeño. $50 / $90

Corned beef hash – corned beef, potato, onion $70 / $130

Bagels – mini plain bagels with cream cheeses. $45 / $80

Biscuits & gravy – sausage or vegetarian. $55 / $100

Irish Sausage rolls – mild savory sausages baked in biscuit dough. $55 / $100

Pastry platter – a assortment of breakfast pastries.  $55 / $100

Fruit bowl – a assortment of fresh seasonal fruit $60.

Yogurt & granola – $45 / $80

Holtman’s Donut’s – A selection of everyones favorite local donuts.  $40 / $80.


Sausage – $50 / $90

Bacon – $50 / $90

Ham – $50 / $90

Goetta – $50 / $90

Scrambled eggs – $50 / $90

Home fries – $35 / $60

Toast – $30 / $50

Non-Alcoholic drinks – unlimited sodas, coffee & iced tea for 30 – 35 people – $70.


Full orders serve approximately 30 people, half orders approximately 15.


Open Bar.

The host will run a tab for the bar for the duration of the event.

Limited Tab.

The host will run a tab for a certain period of time. (ex. the first 2 hours)

The host will run a tab to a certain amount. (ex. the first $200)

Open Bar with Exceptions – a group tab customized to include or exclude certain drinks.
(eg. no shots)

Cash Bar.

Guests open their own tab and/or pay as they go.

Non-Alcoholic (soda, coffee, ice-tea)

Unlimited (30 – 35 people) $70

Molly Malone’s offers a variety of different bar packages to meet any events needs no matter what you are looking for. Please take some time to review and just let us know how we can customize a package for you.


Molly’s provides ambient background music to suit your taste. You can also hook up your iPod, have a band, karaoke or DJ.  We will only be too happy to recommend both.

Food and Alcohol Policy. 

With the exception of cake or dessert, no outside food or alcoholic beverages may be brought into the building.

Methods of payment.

Payment is due at the end of the event. We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express only. ( 5% discount on party tabs paid by cash )

  • Gift cards are not acceptable on our private floors.

Tax & Gratuities.

All food and beverage prices are subject to a 20% gratuity and 6% sales tax.

* Items & prices listed are subject to change due to availability & market costs.

* Our daily bar/restaurant specials do not apply to our 2nd or 3rd floor party rooms.



Room Deposit. 

A $100 deposit holds your date and will come off your bill at the end of the night, you can mail a check to Molly Malone’s or pay through * Paypal by clicking below.

*A $3.50 fee will be added to cover PayPal processing.

  • 21 day notice of cancellation is required for deposit refund.
Deposit for Private Party