Make Molly’s your EPL Headquarters!











Molly’s epl fantasy 2018/19

So you think you can manage an Epl soccer team?

Join Molly’s Free Fantasy Epl 2018/19 for bragging rights and win great prizes;

Manager of the month – $25 gift card.

Manager of the year – $100 gift card.

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use this link and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game:

You shouldn’t need the league code, but just in case here it is: 1653454-376720


The Fixtures:

  • Arsenal v Burnley 7.30am
  • Man City v Crystal Palace 10am
  • Chelsea v Leicester 10am
  • Newcastle v Fulham
  • AFC Bournemouth v Brighton 10am
  • West Ham v Watford 10am
  • Huddersfield v Southampton 10am
  • Cardiff v Man Utd 12.30pm

  • Everton v Spurs 11am

  • Fulham v Wolves 7.30am
  • Crystal Palace v Cardiff 10am
  • Leicester v Man City 10am
  • Man Utd v Huddersfield 10am
  • Liverpool v Newcastle 10am
  • Burnley v Everton 10am
  • Spurs v AFC Bournemouth 10am
  • Brighton v Arsenal 12.15pm
  • Watford v Chelsea 2.30pm

  • Southampton v West Ham 2.45pm